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The BOL TV Game Show once began through a Pakistani businessman, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh in June 2013, and following him, it used to be intended to create an impartial media residence to painting a gentle photograph of Pakistan and numerous brilliant journalists joined the community at that time. Bol TV claims to be on the Centrist/Left of Centre of the political spectrum however with a robust pro-nationalist outlook. It claims to have supplied an insurance plan of up to Rs. 10 million to cable operators. In 2014, BOL Network marketed on greater than 20,000 public transport motors in Pakistan. The employer additionally introduced a tv set manufacturer by way of the title of BG.


BOL has BOListan, the high-quality and most contemporary media infrastructure. BOListan created an unprecedented. Mark the records of Pakistan’s media with its establishment. Our devoted infrastructure with state-of-the-art studios and gear supply you with an unparalleled gain over your competitors. Experiences past the existence of Game Show bol Helpline Number BOL is inflicting a media revolution with the aid of introducing pleasant practices in the Pakistani media industry at the forefront. In this regard, BOL has installed the biggest media infrastructure in the world.BOListan consists of over 33 pinnacle broadcast studios, NewsTeam, Pakistan's first superstar lounge. Providing the motive of assembly and greeting all celebrities, an in-house cinema and a massive auditorium And a whole lot more. Realize this dream and draw and promote Pakistan's smooth picture nationwide Worldwide, BOListan created a remarkable mark in the records of Pakistan's media establishment.

Bol Helpline Number 2021

1) Approval of participation in the exhibit is in the fingers of approved management.

2) The administration has all rights to cancel or terminate the entry of any or all individuals in the show.

3) Partakers are solely eligible to take part with families

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Bol sports exhibit helpline head workplace we will respond as properly and if you favor bol sport exhibit passes than contact bol exhibit professional contact or chat on WhatsApp.


Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga is the most interesting exhibit on Bol TV and has cemented its function as the #1 Game Show of Pakistan, airing every Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 PM on No.1 BOL sports exhibit Entertainment. Mobile NUMBER is 0323-1727027. BOL CONTACT NUMBER BOL is inviting each person to be a phase of GAME SHOW AISAY CHALAY GA! Just observe the mentioned instructions and get a risk to win prizes well worth Millions of Rupees.



Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga
Bol Game Shows Number
Katakat Bol Show Number


Sr# Head Office BOL Offical Numbers
1 BOL Head Office Number +92 323-1727027
2 BOL Helpline Number +92 323-1727027
3 BOL Head Office Number Karachi +92 323-1727027
4 BOL Contact Number +92 323-1727027
5 BOL WhatsApp Number +92 323-1727027


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What is Bol Game Show Helpline Number?

On Bol Game Show Helpline Number you can call to get Game Passes and Registration.

What is the price of Bol Game Show Pass?

It’s price is 1,000 PKR Only.

What is the Bol Game Show WhatsApp Number

Bol Game Show WhatsApp Number Is +92323-1727027


Champions With Faheem Ashraf  is a Pakistani youth-based reality show that airs on the BOL Network and is hosted b. The episodes are also available online

Faheem Ashraf Assistant Manager

As we all know the Khush Raho Pakistan helpline number is a live game show where people participate and win prizes of hundreds and thousands of rupees.

Faisal Qureshi Show Manager

Welcome to Bol Contact Number I am your host. Danish Taimoor-If you want to win free prizes, I would like to win free prizes, please call now. Get a game show pass for free. 

Danish Taimur Manager